Hey I’m a User Too.

So i logged in as the admin and now i’m a user! How cool is that. I suppose I’m a user in two ways now eh?

Oh my, what to do with my new found powers. I can’t believe i made myself a producer. I don’t produce shit. Well I do produce shit after I eat and wait a while. Other than that I mainly make trouble. That’s why my middle name is Evan Trouble Abrams. ETA. Which most people think means it’s my estimated time of arrival. Not true in fact.

My middle name is actually Charles

In other news I’m moving in with my girlfriend, christmas is coming, and soon my production will increase 100% with my new  location. It’s amazing what fresh drinking water and less small animals challenging me for dominance of the abode will do for my productivity. Now I empathise with the developing countries of the world. But only so much as I know how bad they want aid. Aid this!

I don’t really need aid, I’m 1/4 Jewish.

So I think that’ll do for a first post. Over an out.


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