I’m So Lonely

Funny is a team sport. This fact has never been clearer to me than it is right now.

I’m sitting in my living room, unshowered and yet fully clothed in some jeans and a button up shirt trying to think of something funny. I’m trying, but not succeeding in every attempt to write something that will make people laugh. I suppose I would probably be curled up into a self-pitying heap of man sobs if it weren’t for these delicious dark chocolate covered pretzels from Snyders that I purchased for 70% off at Wal-Mart and also, I am a bad-ass.


“The Official Snack of Bad-Ass”

I have not had the occasion to be funny for about a week now. Sure, I`ve made people laugh and re-hashed some classic tom-foolery with my wife Marie, but nothing that seemed, at least  to me, to be brilliant, groundbreaking and funny to the extent that a new internet acronym should be invented for IM-ing it`s brilliance.

too long acronym

Bottom Line: I miss my friends.


Matt and Evan and Alex have all been doing their Christmas and New Years thing and, minus a quick five minute call to Matt about a possible awesome idea, we haven`t spoken. I guess this has really started to rub me wrong since I noticed that last Saturday would have been our normal meeting. We postponed it a couple of weeks due to family and life obligations but I can`t help but feel that something is missing.

These three people make me funnier. Other people make me funny too, don`t take offence ye of great offence taking, but there is something inherently funny about these guys and the things we come up with together.

To date, GR has nearly caused (or fuelled the fire for) a break-up of a members relationship, speculatively caused a real break up on the production side (the “behind the people” people), numerous BF/GF fights, and Matt having sex with teenagers (of the legal Québec drinking age, seriously. He’s not a dirty, dirty man, plus the dude’s only 21 for Christ’s sake).

matt creepy

“I swear this is Matt only pretending to be dirty”

Even with all this, the core group has managed to attend the production meetings and have come up with (at last count) 32 hilarious outlined premises, 5 that have become fully producible scripts, a sitcom idea, and a film concept. It is amazing stuff really, when you think about all the other things going on in our lives. We all have full time jobs, most of us are full time students, some of us are married, we live relatively far apart, two of us are fat, Evan has to work out at least 17 hours a day or he gets cranky and we only meet every two weeks. Despite these things, we continue to push forward and things seem pretty good. This could be something big, we all feel it.

I suppose that’s why I miss my friends today. This really is a team sport. It’s hard to be funny alone and it’s still two weeks until the next GR meeting.

I apologize to those who thought they would laugh more while reading this. Rest assured however that the next piece I write will be of a more humorous nature.

Or maybe I’ll add a picture of my impression of an old mans ass.


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