Top 5 Genre Defining Movies (As Defined by Timothy)

These are the movies that did it for me. They are the films I think of when someone asks me what is my favorite (Insert Genre Here) Film.

#5- Best Buddy Comedy

“Tommy Boy”


Click Me

Spade and Farley are comedy gold. Poignant and timeless questions abound.

-How can two people that hate each other find common ground?

– Will Tommy Boy ever find love?

– Will Tommy Boy ever make his father proud?

-Would you stick your head up a bull’s ass to to get a good look at a T-Bone, or would you take the Butchers word for it?

-Who’s your favourite “Little Rascal”?

It’s really an in depth look at friendship and humanity’s constant struggle to find a soul mate in a cold and heartless world. A struggle to find reason, a struggle for hope but mostly a struggle to sell the new “Callahan Nickel Cadmium Brake Pads”

Honourable Mention:

“Dude, Where’s My Car”


Click Me

Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott are pitch perfect. Turn off your brain and enjoy this extremely convoluted joy ride.

#4- Best Teen Romantic Comedy

“10 Things I Hate About You”

10 things

Click Me

We all became obsessed with Heath Ledger’s career from this point on. Anyone who saw this knew he was meant for big things. From “A Knights Tale” to “The Dark Knight” we knew this guy was the future. Plus, how fucking hot is Alex Mack in this?

(Google that shit if you don’t remember Alex Mack from YTV”)

(and if you do, then…Fist Bump!)

Honourable Mention:

“8 Days A Week”


Click… Seriously, you haven’t figured this out yet?

Try to find this comedy gem. It has it all.

-That hot chick from Felicity

– A loveable main character whose nearly creepy and very “restraining orderable” stunt is so mind-bogglingly dumb that we wish we had thought of it

– A Douche getting kicked in the balls

– A dirty, dirty MILF and,

– A guy who fucks a watermelon.

Seriously, who doesn’t want to see that?

#3 Psychological Thriller

(read: creepy mindfuck movie)



You know what to do

This movie is insane. Balls Out Insane! The murders are so sickeningly contrived (that lust murder? Yeah, that was fucked up.), the plot twists hit you so fast but somehow stay within the realm of believability, the characterization is fucking phenomenal and that ending, Best Ending Ever. The most accurate portrayal of human reaction and emotion I’ve ever seen in a movie like this.

Honourable Mention:



Do It

This movie was just what the doctor ordered.

Those sequels only ruined it for everyone.

Note: Don’t write to me asking where “Silence of the Lambs” is. 
It didn’t make the list.

#2- Best Action Movie

“True Lies”


Come on! Click it, see the trailer. It’s not rocket surgery.

The epitome of the Action Flick. Period. Don’t believe me? Lets count them off then, shall we.

1-Awesome main character.

2- Hot cougar wife.

3- Spies using their resources for silly personal shit.

4- James Bond-like scenarios without the douche-bagginess of actually being James Bond

5- Tom Arnold in a role that makes him like-able

6- Insane and highly improbable chase sequence on a HORSE into and up a building.

7- Hot super-villainess from “Waynes World”

8- Final Gun-Fight involves bad guy with a gun and Arnold with A FUCKING HARRIER JET!!!

9- I’m sorry… I have to stop now… My adrenaline is so high that I went and lifted four buses off of trapped children after punching a hippo in the face.

And then I won the Olympics.

Honorable Mention:

“Die Hard With A Vengeance”

die hard

Bruce Willis and Sam Jackson solving riddles = Gold.

#1- Best Mystery/Whodunit Movie

“The Usual Suspects”


Actually, don’t click here. Just watch the movie.

Hands Down the greatest movie ever in the history of ever.

Fucking Ever!

Who is Keyser Soze indeed!

Honorable Mention:

“Who Is Cletis Tout?”


Click it.

Good luck finding this movie. It was awesome. Tim Allen is a hitman sent to kill Christian Slater, except Christian Slater isn’t really the guy that he’s supposed to be. Plus the hitman is a little obsessed with scriptwriting and classic movies. Brilliant.

That’s it for now. Stay Tuned for more of these movie list things.

P.S. Don't worry if you disagree with my choices. 
God has put enough people on the Earth that I'm sure 
no-one will notice that you're wrong.

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