GhostRunner’s Work (Ethic) Divide

Here at GhostRunner, we are a fairly tight nit group of likeminded and extremely good looking people. We tend to get along very well, with the rare exception of Evan’s periodic rage induced beatings. Most would believe that we work equally hard in order to bring you top notch comedic relief for your otherwise mundane internet surfing routine, but sadly, this is not the case.

Over the past few months, it has become quite clear that a schism exists in GhostRunner. The divide is one based mostly on work ethic, but does also incorporate things like drinking ability. One could make the argument that these two things are related. I myself would like to see the evidence.


So, let us see where the divide exists:


Tim is the reason for GhostRunner’s being. Not only did he start it before the invention of the telephone, he also came up with the name, provides the office space, and generally comes up with the most ideas. When not working his day job, Tim dedicates his spare time to setting up websites, submitting things to Cracked, writing scripts, coordinating shoots, and downloading absolutely retarded amounts of music. Also, I’m pretty sure he is a superhero of some kind since I can never seem to be able to reach him at night…

Also, he dresses like this


Evan, or as no one ever calls him, “Hey you behind the bushes” (I eagerly await our first copywrite infringement lawsuit), is second only to Elf #3 from Santa’s workshop as the hardest working employee on the planet. Not only does Evan churn out scripts like it’s his job (actually, it is), he’s also assigned the roles with the most lines, given responsibility for anything animated, and also designated the GhostRunner bodyguard. What’s even more amazing is that despite the massive workload he endures here, he still managers to get in 22 hours at the gym everyday.

Evan: Body Double foe the Incredible Hulk


Alex was supposed to write her own part in this blog, but never got around to it. So… yeah, there it is.


And finally, the self-proclaimed (but not recognized) King of Everything. I would like to include myself with the hard workers of GhostRunner, but that is simply not the case. While I write a number of website posts, they’re often done in order to avoid other, more pressing work. Case in point, I am supposed to be writing a 20 page paper on Jewish ghetto culture right now. Ha, like that’s going to happen!

Not to say I’m not busy; I have to work a day job, attend school, and organize trips to Kingston in order to wingman for my friends as they try to pick up Queens girls. It’s just that I pail in comparison to the other three GhostRunners (…GhostRunnerers?… GhostRunnerites?) in terms of quality hard work produced.

I'm also pretty lazy with the Halloween costumes

So now that you’re aware of who does what here at GhostRunner, if you have any complaints, you know who to blame.


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