Cloud Tags

You know what rocks, cloud tags rock. Do you know why? Didn’t think so. Read on to expand your mind!

Cloud tags, in short, are a graphic visualization of the frequency words occure in a corpus of text. A corpus means body. It is the fancy technical word for body in a texual context. These clouds help summarize raw word use in a fast and simple format that usually has that neauveu internet art look to it. You know, the kind that take an afternoon in illustrator to bang out on a T-shirt which we call bullshit.

Cloud tags have real uses to. It really depends on the input. Let’s say you had a blog and wanted to know what a search engine thinks is your main content. The spiders, which are fancy AI that read your pages, would use word frequency to guess at your content. The cloud, while not using the same weight and threshold of the spider, would give you a good indication of what your page looks like for SEO purposes. If you put in a script you could see common words used by your characters. If you put one of Matt’s scripts in you would find the word Fuck greatly overpowers all others in the cloud. Again we get an idea of what might be wrong with that script in a second’s glance. The same is true for a resume, an interview, or even this blog posting.



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