Project Proposal – Podcasting meetings

Preface: I’m a big fan of Penny Arcade. It’s a very nerdy web-comic that is superbly written and drawn. Along with this excellent product, the process that makes it is equally entertaining. That’s the point I’m most interested in. They could produce no web-comics and still have a great product in their pod-casts of making those comics. It is for that reason I propose we begin to record the GR meetings and put them on-line either in mp3 or video format.

Podcasting may increase psyonic output

Podcasting may increase psyonic output

Podcasting will  not only record many of the truly bitch-en ideas, keep terrific records for tax purposes, and give us a thing we can post regularly on the YouTube channel, but it’s actually pretty funny stuff. It’s a product we make anyway but have yet to fully capture. Think of it as a behind the scenes show within a show only real. We can of course edit out the unfunny/harmful/corporate secrets/five minutes of giggling leaving only the solid gold banter.

In summation: pod-casting is good. We should do it. I’ll even animate it if you don’t mind being represented by some really quick and dirty molar bear style graphics.


2 Responses to “Project Proposal – Podcasting meetings”

  1. Sounds good to me. As long as you take care of it.

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