Mr Tumnus

Let's get fabulous

Let's get fabulous

Remember a long long time ago? We were all in Tim’s living room, reading some bazaar script where Mr. Tumnus, a Centaur and a Minotaur were on the Dating game. They were courting some woman from the greater Seattle area who taught retards to swim, or aqua-size or something. Either way, after multiple reads it was discovered we do not have half goat man costumes, nor did we have a minotaur head, also we didn’t have the set of the Dating Game circa 1967. For that reason it will be animated.

Here is a first draft of Mr. Tumnus.

“Bachelor Number 1, I like a man who can cook, how would you make it sizzle in my kitchen.”

“I would prepare a poached mer-trout, simmered in an elder-berry wine reduction, garnished with fennel and lemon grass, paired with braised endive.”

I think he needs a hipster kafia, no?


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