Remembrance Day

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Remembrance Day

Coming from a military family, I have a different viewpoint as to what goes on in the Canadian Military.

If you don’t understand or know what it is we as a military are doing, I implore you to do some research.

If you think we are at war for oil, for economic reasons or because the United States told us to, do some research.

We are NOT in any region that will benefit us economically, we may fight from time to time by the US’ side but our main missions and tasks are our own.

We choose what we do and where we go and in our entire history as a sovereign nation our goal has always been to help wherever we are needed.

To keep peace, to fight inequality and tyranny and to defend the defenseless.

Anyone who thinks differently must have the american military mixed up with our own.

We are NOT in Iraq.

We are in Afghanistan, Haiti, Africa.

We build roads, schools, hospitals.

We train police forces, militaries and healthcare workers.

We are proud.

The Canadian Military is the most respected military among all the worlds militaries. Period. Ask any soldier, airman or seaman from any military.

Our men and women are the selfless heros we pray will be there in our time of need.

For many, they are the answered prayer, the once lost hope and the greatest chance for peace and happiness.

They deserve your respect.

They deserve to be honoured.

Most of all they deserve to be championed by every Canadian Citizen with breath in their lungs, not only for keeping our freedom alive but for trying to bestow that same freedom on the helpless, the hopeless and the defenseless.

We need to remember them, not just today but everyday.

P.S. sorry this wasn’t funny.

“If you won’t stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them”


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