In a growing trend of unmediated nerdness I’ve begun work on what is tentatively titled the Zombie Apocalypse CCG. I’m sure I also need more sleep to keep me grounded but a little creative project is good for you.

Research showed that only two Zombie board games made it to the market. Zombies!!! a terrain based lite war-game that pits players against each other to be the last to the chopper. And the more recent and full of complex set pieces and rule The Last Night On Earth. TLNOE has a few draw backs as well, the mechanics being one, one player having to be the zombie for two, and the set up requiring modular terrain again.

I was inspired by Tim’s short film script and watching Zombie Land. Zombies are pretty neat, and look like fun to kick around so long as they don’t bite you. I wish there were a way to capture that in a table top game. I might be wrong but I’m willing to try.

I thought I would take a shot, pun intended, at making a Zombie board game, but I don’t like boards so how about a CCG? Killer Bunnies was a hell of a good time as I recall. The game in the works now has only two objectives. First is survive. You can’t win if you’re dead. And two, accumulate the most victory points by killing the most zombies, saving survivors, discovering a cure for the plague… and still survive. This sets up two forces, cooperation and competition. Also there’s a greed v. survival aspect if you start finding cool loot you can’t take with you because you need your hands free to kill zombies, and some loot is too heavy to outrun them.

One thing I didn’t like about TLNOE was having to play the Zombie team every so many rounds. I’m not a zombie, it’s hard to relate to them. So therefore no one has to be a zombie. Players stock up on weapon and item cards drawn during one phase where they trade, hoard, and barter then venture out into encounters with enemy cards in another phase of play. There they can kill, be killed. get infected, save each other from infection, accumulate victory points, and last however many rounds the game goes to.

I’m trying to keep it light on the math, and so far it’s working out with few variables entering into encounters and dice roles making up the chance elements. The only thing now to do it finalize some rules, draw up prototypes, and test it out. Here are some of what I’ve draw up thus far, and guess which one I didn’t draw?.

On another note in my research into current CCGs one game came up as being quite big right now. Dominion is a CCG all about kingdom management and screwing over your neighbors. I think GR needs to play this game. It looks like a more underhanded Catan and without a modular game board.


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