Band of Beavers

Hey all,

So I’ve been actually doing things. Here is the drawings of a character from Band of Beavers, the trailer for the series that will be half animation and half explosion footage and probably some photo manipulation. The premise is a prequel to G-Force, that terrible talking rodent movie. Now in the trailer for that movie they explain that since carrier pigeons and sonar dolphins exist the military has been using anthropomorphic animals to wage wars. Now Band if Beavers is about the elite group of rodents, Beavers, sent behind enemy lines before D-Day to knock out AA guns and the like. The rodents go about their mission cracking terrible beaver puns, garroting Nazis, and corny action movie stuff.

Band of Beavers

I call this one Sarge, or Mr. Nibbles. I'm pretty sure the chevrons do not mark him as the right rank but he's also a talking beaver.

The character still needs his walk cycles and mouth layers to fit into the after effects work flow. The lull in exams affords me a lot of time to look up tutorials and this type of fun stuff. Who know GR would encourage me learn something.

I’ll likely make a few other characters, one for the stereotypical black role and one for the effeminate role. It’s not a team if you’re not filling out the  quotas for representational screen time.


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