The Ware-Panda

Here’s the first in a series of posts called Things From Evan’s Sketchbook. It’s not a physical sketchbook but rather just art I’ve doodled on my wacom. This one I call The Were-panda though I suppose it could be any panda themed exploitation title. Mild mannered reporter by day, international detective by night, murderous panda by even later night, who can stop… the Were-panda!

The Were-Panda

Be scared, Be afraid, Beware of the Were-Panda!

Source material for this was an image from google when I seached “Panda + Attack” and the other is classic Emma Peel from the old Avergers show who, I must admit, I still find quite fetching. Not the actress though. She’s a bit old. But in the timelessness of television Emma Peel is still way hot.

The process to make this image is as follows for anyone wanting to try at home.

  1. Gather source files onto the art-board and keep them on separate layers
  2. Rough over those on more separate layers with the new Blob Brush tool to quickly find your positive and negative space
  3. Use the pen tool and path selector to knock out unneeded points in the blob brush and fine tune the edges
  4. Assign thick strokes to larger outer shapes and smaller strokes to inner more detailed shapes
  5. Add a final layer of text and framing for retro fun times
  6. Export as .png and share with the world unless you feel shame or shyness. In that case hide it on your computer in a folder marked homemade porn or some other innocuous title and hope no one exposes your deep dark secrets. Also consider keeping a diary where you write about boys you like but never say more than two coherent syllables to, that seems healthy as well.

That’s pretty much how I make everything but sometimes I scan in sketches or photos I’ve taken of my subjects. More to follow unless I become employed or get a PS3. Both are good options I feel.


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