Zazzle me this batman!

So if Ghostrunner is ever to be legit we need matching shirts. Preferably gold shirts but any will do really. In my search for a suitable company to bring those about back before Christmas I came across this place called They’re alright I suppose, but frustrated with their archaic menus I looked for alternatives. To that end I found I much prefer Zazzle for their Canadian pricing and graphic placement widget. Now that I’m terribly bored I thought I would try my hand at making a shirt (just as a non GR affiliated practice so as not to tarnish our sterling almost virginal internet rep) so without much ado, here it is.

I for one would enjoy having this happy creature on a shirt for day to day and maybe evening wear.

It’s a neat site but I don’t know if it can make anyone money. Seems a little cluttered for actual revenue generation. Also it’s the internet for goodness sake, if it’s not a pipe dream it’s not on the internet. But we will have to see how the things go. It takes more promotional work than I care to spam out there to generate any sales on such sites, but it beats shooting more zombies on the wii all afternoon because now I feel mildly adventurous and useful.


2 Responses to “Zazzle me this batman!”

  1. Oh, for the love of Christ! Wear – as in clothes, Ware – as in goods and products, were – as in supernatural half-breed. Edit yourself my fine friend.

  2. I believe they are called homonyms because of how gay they are.

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