GRMedia Logo

So Tim and I have been going back and forth on some logo ideas. It started out something like this:

Many terrible Proofs

But then I had one good one:

It's better than nothing!

It's better than nothing!

And Tim called me up at my other job to exclaim how he thought it looked like an Elephant, and wanted more elephantine qualities about it. I think when I asked him why more elephant he countered with: “Why is Linux a Penguin?”

To that end new proofs were created:

Elephant proof!

I liked the bottom one but Tim did not and wanted the top one but with the MEDIA underneath and the P removed. At this point I balked for a while, became obsorbed in something else and now it’s the easter weekend and I can present to you the logo as I think Tim wanted it… also with some things I’ve always thought a logo needs. But don’t take my word for it.

I think this is what Tim wanted?

I know this is what I wanted.


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