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Yet Another Reason Why Timothy Hates The Religious Right

Posted in Uncategorized on January 19, 2010 by Timothy D Riel

Yet another reason why I hate the religious right:

Solar Powered Bibles

It’s like if, in order to help the victims, Sony sent 300 PSP’s with demo game discs to ease their suffering, since they must be incredibly bored what with all the blown-to-smithereens stuff.

Food, water, shelter. That’s what these people need. Not portable preacher/pulpit kits.


Tim’s Panda Bear / GR Tie-in shirt.

Posted in Uncategorized on January 17, 2010 by Timothy D Riel

I love the Zazzle me thing that Evan discovered. I also love the scary panda graphic he designed. I also, also love GhostRunner.

I have combined them.

Zazzle me this batman!

Posted in Uncategorized on January 14, 2010 by EAbrams

So if Ghostrunner is ever to be legit we need matching shirts. Preferably gold shirts but any will do really. In my search for a suitable company to bring those about back before Christmas I came across this place called They’re alright I suppose, but frustrated with their archaic menus I looked for alternatives. To that end I found I much prefer Zazzle for their Canadian pricing and graphic placement widget. Now that I’m terribly bored I thought I would try my hand at making a shirt (just as a non GR affiliated practice so as not to tarnish our sterling almost virginal internet rep) so without much ado, here it is.

I for one would enjoy having this happy creature on a shirt for day to day and maybe evening wear.

It’s a neat site but I don’t know if it can make anyone money. Seems a little cluttered for actual revenue generation. Also it’s the internet for goodness sake, if it’s not a pipe dream it’s not on the internet. But we will have to see how the things go. It takes more promotional work than I care to spam out there to generate any sales on such sites, but it beats shooting more zombies on the wii all afternoon because now I feel mildly adventurous and useful.

Mixed Emotions

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I am both thrilled and disgusted with a new show on FX. The show is Archer, and for anyone who hasn’t seen the pilot, it is funny stuff. It’s only 15 minutes long but I lol consistently. This promo sums it up quite nicely in what you’re in for. Also watch all the other promos if you are safe to giggle. This means not at work. Also some have breasts so your co-workers will think ill of you unless they’re cool.

It’s in the same vain as Frisky Dingo and the spin off from that The Xtacles. Both those shows had decidedly low production values compared to Archer, probably because FX can wield a larger budget than Adult Swim and it shows in their art and animation staff. The art style is semi realistic using actors as a base model for a retro cartoon feel. Also those actors are terrific as the voice delivery is top notch featuring SNL’s Chris Parnell, funny man H. Jon Benjamin, and the vivacious Aisha Tyler. The show is a delightful combination of sarcasm, sexual innuendo, spies and smarmy behavior, all of which are the key ingredients to things I like.

As for what I do not like: like most complaints here at Ghostrunner it’s that I didn’t do it first! Perhaps what is most frustrating is that this is not only a show i enjoy watching but that I would enjoy making. So to that end I’ve made a list of projects I’ll be getting to while I’m looking for work and waiting for call backs and the like so I can be productive with my time and keep reaching for that rainbow.

Band of Beavers

Posted in Uncategorized on December 20, 2009 by EAbrams

Hey all,

So I’ve been actually doing things. Here is the drawings of a character from Band of Beavers, the trailer for the series that will be half animation and half explosion footage and probably some photo manipulation. The premise is a prequel to G-Force, that terrible talking rodent movie. Now in the trailer for that movie they explain that since carrier pigeons and sonar dolphins exist the military has been using anthropomorphic animals to wage wars. Now Band if Beavers is about the elite group of rodents, Beavers, sent behind enemy lines before D-Day to knock out AA guns and the like. The rodents go about their mission cracking terrible beaver puns, garroting Nazis, and corny action movie stuff.

Band of Beavers

I call this one Sarge, or Mr. Nibbles. I'm pretty sure the chevrons do not mark him as the right rank but he's also a talking beaver.

The character still needs his walk cycles and mouth layers to fit into the after effects work flow. The lull in exams affords me a lot of time to look up tutorials and this type of fun stuff. Who know GR would encourage me learn something.

I’ll likely make a few other characters, one for the stereotypical black role and one for the effeminate role. It’s not a team if you’re not filling out the  quotas for representational screen time.

Come Find Us on

Posted in Blogs, Press, Timothy's Blog, Uncategorized on November 17, 2009 by Timothy D Riel

As some of you already know, we are slowly attempting to manouevre ourselves into position for our big and awesome reveal to the world. We are slowly turning our many, many ideas into scripts, and those scripts into video. (Yes, we will have more video’s soon). The plan, of course, is to have a base of content already in place when people start to notice us.

To this end, we have added our videos to

Check them out here:
Click Me!