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Particles or Character Animation

Posted in Blogs, Evan's Blog with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on April 25, 2010 by EAbrams

So I was at it again, another two 10sec outputs of some effects work.

The first: an ink spray using expressions, some particles, a little of that fake 3d text and some images of ink splats. The think here is to ramp up the inherited velocity to really throw the ink from a single source when it get going faster by linking the speed to other properties as a controller. It looks kind of like that symbiot suit from Spiderman. I mean the cartoon not the mistake of comic to film adaptations. That was a jewel in the Fox Saturday morning cartoon crown.

Second: I was torn between which I wanted to focus on for the next “do x of y” grinding projects. To that end I made this second video with character animation. If you recall, we made a pretty strange and punchline-less video of a Molar Bear. I might as well embed that here so you know what I mean.

Now this goes under a heading that could either be “Mispronounced Words That Are Still Real Words in Picture Form” or “Rejected Pokemon Names”. However I envision a time when such poorly thought out and non idiomatic phrases like “Made out like bandits” are also give visual form. For those who don’t know, the phrase is supposed to be “made off like bandits” when people get away with something big and are gleeful about it. But I say the other one wherein two thieves make a big score and then score big… with each other… with tongue and hair action. To that end fire up the Laser Bream!

This is about 12 illustrator layers that all come to make the deadliest catch of all. A little key frames, some expressions (mostly time and wiggles) I think the wiggle my be the best expression ever invented. You pair that up with a slide control for both the magnitude and the frequency and you are in business. Both projects used that same technique somewhere can you tell where in each?